First blog post

Normally the first blog post is meant to explain why on earth I´m blogging and what about. So let´s do it that way and keep the tradition alive.

First things first, this is not my first blog or page.

The first blog I created was back in my Erasmus times in Paris. 2006. More than 10 years ago. What I was doing, I was sharing pictures of my days. I was doing it almost every day. Presenting friends, places, etc…so that my network back in Portugal could keep connected with me.

The second blog I managed, was more on a professional basis, I was sharing inspirations from Marketing campaigns a bit worldwide.

Turns out,  while working so much for others ( companies, clients, etc..), I somehow stopped to do it for myself.

I decided to change it recently.

I heard a story from Andy Torres on a TEDxAmsterdam Women and the one from Jacob Cass at TEDxCMU and they were great inspirations.

I´m not a graphic designer or a fashion blogger, but we do have a lot of things in common. We are expats leaving abroad, we love what we do and we know how to use the tools we have to get to the right people.

So here it goes…Hope you like it.

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