Bagby got successfully funded on Kickstarter

The first sleeping bags for your phone to overcome phone addiction, created especially for couples. BagbyTM was yesterday funded on Kickstarer.

The world today, as we know it, is confusing distraction with entertainment and the depth of human relationships with the superficiality of social media interactions. While everybody is trying to come up with the latest and greatest in high tech, Bagby™ believes that what we truly need is a minimalist approach: “LESS technology is MORE”
What if putting away our phones in moments that matter could improve our relationships with our loved ones?

Bagby™ is a non-tech solution to help people, especially couples, disconnect and put their phones away so that they can spend more quality time and focus on what truly matters. Bagby™ is the personal story of a couple based out of Los Angeles who started a phone-free bedroom challenge last January and discovered the benefits of this simple change. Noor Boulos (American) and Juan Sanchez (Spanish) decided that after getting married on the beautiful island of Menorca, it was the perfect time to take their relationship to the next level. However, they realized how phones were distracting them and how difficult it was to find an intimate moment. Shortly after starting the challenge started, they happily found out that she is pregnant and they will be expecting their first baby in mid-October.

Some recent studies have brought phone addiction to light in media. A Durex commissioned research has found that “40% of couples aged 18-55 say they had actually delayed sex with a partner because of using some kind of technology”.

After running some research to understand their consumers and to complement the industry feedback, BagbyTMhas found three key areas that needed to be addressed in shaping the first non-tech solution to overcome phone addiction and widespread distraction:

-99% said “I use my phone as an alarm clock”
-89% said “I like to charge my phone overnight”
-78% said “I would like to stick and it anywhere, the door, the wall without ruining any surfaces”


“I realized that these three key findings were nothing but excuses to take the phone-free challenge. We live in an era of constant procrastination so we created a solution that overcomes these three barriers. BagbyTMcomes with a non-digital alarm clock, it has a built-in slit so you can charge your phone while it’s tucked away for the night and a removable hook that you can mount anywhere without leaving any trace.” said Juan Sanchez, future dad and Co-Founder of BagbyTM.”

“When my husband suggested the challenge, I thought it was another of his eccentric ideas. Barely 5 days later, we realized the amazing benefits this simple move could bring to people, especially couples like us. We haven’t brought the phones in since and the good news is that I’m now6months pregnant” said Noor Boulos, future mom and Co-Founder.

“Bagby is a minimalist revolutionary idea. We are all trying to come out with the latest and greatest high-tech solution and the parody is that we are actually fighting a “too much” technology problem. I’m launching another Kickstarter project soon and working with Juan has been a truly enriching journey” said Edu Gaya, Ex-Googler and-Founder of Barner.”
Bagby is handmade in a small workshop in Argentina, has a rustic look and comes in various colors so it can fit in any bedroom or home. The couple is already exploring the solution beyond the bedroom and is already working on new applications and expanding the idea to restaurants, office and baby products.

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