Global Digital Nomads

Earlier on this month, I published an article at RMS about a Nomad List Meetup in my city.

I was unable to attend, but it´s a way of working that I have been chasing for a while, especially when I feel that some roles are not made for the location they are meant to be executed. Or that they could be executed remotely.

If someone is talented from a job and is motivated to do it…why should a company think twice about accepting remote work? Sometimes they prefer hiring someone with less experience, less knowledge, just by the fact of location…but yeah…this is just my opinion, based on my experience…a HR person may say the other negative aspects of remote work – etc…

But, the relevance of this topic has a major impact on start-ups, and will have more and more impacts in the future.

I was watching to this report from CNBC about Why are startups leaving Silicon Valley ( it has barely three months) and I think it worths to think about it.

Just saying…

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