English in Germany is not provincial or hipster 

Some days ago, I read this article:

This is not a political post. Not at all.

I’m not German and I don’t vote in Germany. 

But, there has been a lot of discussions lately about the usage of English in German businesses, and that’s the topic I want to give my opinion.

I know foreigners need to try to learn local languages, I agree. 

But, while doing business, specially internationally, if you had a language barrier, your business has a disadvantage.

Why do people like American movies and American Music? Not only because some are good, but because they understand it…in Germany there are good artists that I’m tempted to say they are not world famous…just because of that…the films and musics are in German.

The same for business, if you want to be leader, you need to speak the world language.

Today is English- tomorrow can be Mandarin.

Maybe it was Portuguese, Spanish or French….in the past…but societies change as people do as well.

Taking advantage of a language skill can be a great asset to relations, businesses and personal life.

But yes, if you live in Germany you must to an effort to learn German and the other way round, if you want to welcome tourists and make them happy, you should try to address them and help them in a language they understand.

Last but not the least, just like we use Euro as a coin, and there are people pro and against, but is still there and has a lot of advantages…the same goes for the language…

Just saying… 

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