15th – 20th October ’17
register until 17th September

Shoutout to all foreign Start-Ups!
Get to know the Tech City Frankfurt, meet all relevant players and expand your own network.

KPMG and TechQuartier offer you a one-week going global accelerator program.
6 days dedicated to explore business opportunities, 6 days filled with workshops, one-on-ones and networking events.

Take your startup global and enter Germany’s the fastest growing FinTech ecosystem!

More infos:

You are a foreign-based, scaling #startup? You are looking to expand into the German market? #Frankfurt is your spot, and “Landing Pad” created by #TechQuartier and KPMG is your unique opportunity to dive into the thriving Frankfurt tech scene, meet all relevant players and make first business connections – and all this will happen in a matter of one week instead of months.

#Startups willing to raise money towards penetrating global markets apply by sending email to


More infos about Frankfurt Enviroment are available on the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2017 – page 104.

For years Frankfurt has held the title as the major financial center
of the European continent, laying claim to mighty financial institutions
such as Deutsche Bank and the European Central Bank.
It’s only fitting then that the city would look to FinTech to boost its
economy from the world of banking as usual into the digital world
of start-ups and tech companies. Among its estimated 200-300
currently active tech start-ups, Frankfurt is home to more than 80
FinTech companies.



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