Fighting to be the on-line leader of a very traditional and lucrative market

Forget about Lazy Sunday (Startups never sleep). I was reading some Spanish Media, doing a bit of market and competition analysis for the project I just started this week – Emma Colchón.

For those who don´t know Emma is a one-fits-all mattress and is just landing the Spanish Market.  The project is managed from Frankfurt since it´s part of a German startup but the team is very international and with a presence in 10 countries.

Indeed, the Mattress itself was awarded the best Mattress in the market in Netherlands, France or Italy.

An example of a Tv Spot in UK:

Coming back to my feed, I indeed enjoy the story and the conclusions of the following article ( in Spanish):


The Spanish mattress market has an estimated value of 500 million a year.

The market is very traditional and almost a monopoly – dominated by Flex and Pikolin – which together achieve a 70% Market Share.

The concept of mono-product and online is now trending and Emma is indeed not alone.

Other competitors mentioned in the article are Casper, Marmota, Eve Slepp.

As Toni Estellé from Marmota guessed, there were more players entering the Market, such as Simba, Tediber and now Emma.

The market will surely reply if there are a place and demand for all of them.

Great to be part of this “fight”.

It´s great to disrupt such a traditional business and to challenge so many new and old players from the industry with such a great product in hands.

Fingers crossed and…Happy Sleep for Everyone!

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