Toys R Us bankrupt – would you imagine it?

Toys R Us filed of bankruptcy last week.

A lot of reasons may be behind it.

Fact is, they are not alone, and several other retailers experienced the same.

Some may say that the internet killed them. People got used to buy on Amazon.

I must confess that I was at one of the stores some weeks ago and I was surprised on how empty it was, in terms of clients, and on how expensive they are compared to other retailers.

Toy R Us was somehow trendy for a while, but as some other trends, they vanish. 

They never changed much and only now they are in a dangerous zone, it seems they will rebrand and focus their business difrently.

I don’t want to go into details, because others are doing it already, but maybe a lesson to keep in mind for other retailers, because story will let us know how it ends up.

Funny to see how the toys industry may or may not be affected by this at all.

One thought on “Toys R Us bankrupt – would you imagine it?

  1. One of their problems was low flexibility. You can compare the position where Toys ‘R’ Us was 5 years ago with the one where Lego was 10 years ago, however Lego choose to change. Look at them now! Last weekend I saw people almost punching each other for a Millennium Falcon Lego


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