Have you heard about TimeToNap?

Have you heard about TimeToNap? Probably not.

It´s a very early stage project from some old friends of mine.

I work in the sleep sector so it´s indeed a nice coincidence.

They decided to create a site to respond to a need that seemed to me to be paramount. Indeed, sleep is the key to success and achievements. However, it is often difficult to find a place to rest calmly. Thanks to time to nap, you, “nappers” will now be able to find a cosy and close place in two clicks to relax and start off on the right foot!

As a student and young people, they also know how hard it is to find the perfect job to make money. They therefore propose a solution for you, ‘Napmates’, to be able to do so by doing (virtually) nothing. Just rent your room and / or your office for a few hours to allow a “Napper” to relax in a calm atmosphere.

I let you discover the site, enjoy 🙂

For now, it´s only in Paris and in French, but soon they will try to implement it and grow to other cities and languages. Fingers crossed for them!

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