Websummit POV

People say that this year was the most exciting and impassioned Web Summit yet. World-class speakers spoke on climate change, flying cars, AI and political applications (not to mention, implications) of technology, and much more.

Sensational speakers
This year, 1,200 speakers joined us, including António Guterres, Margrethe Vestager, Caitlyn Jenner, Ben Goertzel, Al Gore and many, many more. Miss a talk? Don’t worry – you can catch up on all the action here.

Changing the ratio
Of the 59,115 people from 170 countries who joined, 42% of our attendees (and 35.4% of our speakers) were female

2,600 of the worlds media joined the event
As Venture Beat reported, “there’s nothing quite like Web Summit. It’s always on, and something is always happening.” One of the top stories was Uber announcing its partnership with NASA to develop flying cars, as reported here.

59,115 people from 170 countries joined in Lisbon for Web Summit.
Nearly half of registered attendees in Lisbon this week were female.
35.4% of the speakers were female.
The Women in Tech initiative has meant that the female to male ratio of attendees was 42% to 58%.
2,600 of the world’s leading media came to tell the stories coming out of Web Summit.
There was enough fibre cable used to run to the peak of Mount Everest eight times (80,000 km).
Over 205,000 recyclable paper cups used throughout the event.
6,500 sqm of Marquee.
Centre Stage was made up of 314 water tanks,140k lumens of projection and 30,000 watts of sound.
Centre Stage was reinforced to hold 3 tonnes of cars.
2.2 million wifi sessions accumulated over the duration of the event.
45 terabytes of traffic over the duration of the event.
Over 2,100 startups from across the globe attended the event.
1,400 of the world’s most influential tech investors from the world’s leading funds joined us.
1,200 world-class speakers.
2,600 of the world’s leading media came to tell the stories coming out of Web Summit


I wrote my impressions about the event at Rhein-Main-Startups.com – https://rhein-main-startups.com/2017/11/18/websummit-pov/ but depending on your goals and stages, you can´t skip this event.

If you are an investor, you will find plenty of projects to boost. If you are an early stage, this is the perfect pitch deck.

I hope that for 2018 the organization keeps the good work, but don’t lower the quality of the projects that are showcased. Better focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Numbers are impressive, but open doors to everyone can make the event lose its own identity and final goal/results. But that´s only my perspective.

See you next year eventually!


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