eStara was an American company, with European headquarters in Paris, with a line of business that included designing, developing, and producing web solutions. eStara was acquired by ATG.
In my first job experience, I was a trainee in the Sales Department responsible for preparing communication supports to drive sales.
I gained large experience in using SaaS to manage front-end and back-end web tools and experience about PR and Communications. As part of my responsibilities I prepared and executed the reformulation and translation of the CRM platform, web pages and other B2B interfaces into Portuguese language.
I was responsible for controlling all the Portuguese communication materials, both off-line and mainly on-line. Also, I was responsible for local event planning – trade fairs and client meetings – and for handling the relation with PR agencies and local media in order to generate positive awareness of the company and products.
This gave me a good knowledge of communication strategy, media environment and how to achieve communication goals.
As part of my sales activities, I developed the country business plan, including the prospection of the Portuguese market and potential clients.
After developing and maintaining business with more than 20 key clients, and with a support of a good communication campaign, it leaded to open the filial of eStara in Lisbon.

Art Technology Group (ATG) was an independent Internet technology company specializing in eCommerce software and on-demand optimization applications. It was latter acquired by Oracle.
My role was to be the central point of contact for Portuguese, Brazilian, LATAM and South European accounts.
As part of my job I implemented and monitored web projects containing optimization features such as click to call, click to chat, call tracking, recommendation algorithms, and other CRM and ERP tools to enhance on-line sales and business productivity.
I worked closely with marketing department teams of the top telecommunications, banking, insurance, tourism, sports, automotive and beauty sector companies, managing a portfolio of around 75 clients.
During this time I gained a vast experience in working with technology departments, consultants on web and digital development as well as with marketing and communication divisions on strategical approaches to enhance communication and sales on-line.
I was part of the teams who won the following awards:
Website of the Year – Colunistas Rio de Janeiro – Brazil 2009
Best Direct Response Campaign – ad:tech – USA 2008
Viral Marketing Hall of Fame – Marketing Sherpa – USA 2008
Cyber Cristal – Meribel Awards – France 2008
Originality & Innovation Award – Meios & Publicidade – Portugal 2008