Role: Chief Operating Officer and Business Development Coordinator – Duration: 1 year and 10 months – Based in Frankfurt

adSalsa GmbH is part of a major group of companies owned by adSalsa Publicidad, a Spanish Web marketing agency with a focus on direct marketing and digital performance.

As COO of adSalsa GmbH, I gained a lot of experience managing people and coordinating different departments both internally and externally.
I managed the daily operation of the German unit in Frankfurt, defined the overall strategy, planned, motivated, hired staff and reported directly to the CEO in Spain.
As part of my experience, I led a team of around 10 people with different backgrounds, skills, ages, and expectations.
Regarding the operational side of the job, I coordinated both marketing and sales activities in order to increase volume and profitability of online leads generated through web campaigns. Meaning, that I looked for new traffic sources and opportunities for the media buying team and searched for new strategic partnerships for the sales department.
The main focus was DACH, Nordics and Turkish markets, but the company itself operated in 30 countries which gave me a wide scope of international experiences.
As part of the role, I attended 7 of the biggest digital marketing trade fairs as a visitor and organized 3 trade shows as an exhibitor.

As Business Development Coordinator I was the main point of contact between the Frankfurt office and the headquarters in Spain, for all technical and development projects, including web applications, new design testing, and new web business model ideas to implement, test and control.
I gained a strong experience with communicating and managing front and back-end technical teams and using analytical tools to report to internal and external clients as well as management.