“I’ve been working with Pedro in 2 different companies and organizational levels.
He is the one you are looking for if you want to have a person to represent your company.
He has a very professional approach and at the same time has a polite and charming personality, people would describe him as socially smart.
If you want to have a successful team player or a good leader, try Pedro.
He is always on top of current and innovative thinking and can handle an extremely high working load,  nevertheless, he has always an open ear for you as a customer or colleague.
Pedro absorbs a lot of information, has a huge network and is able to implement this into action.joneThese skills give fuel to a highly motivated working climate in a company.”

Jone Malmin  


“Pedro called me one day to pitch a disruptive concept. Great that I took his call. After brainstorming together, Sporting and DraftFcb moved forward a campaign that won multiple national and international prizes and most import of all, booted the sales of the season tickets that year – final goal of Sporting Marketing Department. In this project, Pedro had to coordinate several technical parts and ultimately he manages to run smoothly several integrations to achieve the most efficient economical and operational set up for all the involved parts. He has shown to be a good project manager and great abilities to lead and solve new situations. As this experience was significantly positive, I would recommend his work for any agency or brand that persuades the integration of new digital marketing experiences.”andre

André Rocha


“I have had the opportunity to work with Pedro and share good moments at his side, I consider him a restless person and very keen to learn from everything around him, very involved in the projects that are commissioned and very concerned about his team. I believe that anyone who has the opportunity to have him on his team will be happy for his great dedication to everything he does. A Very professional person with great experience and contacts in the sector.”jorge

Jorge Cantó 


“Pedro is one of those managers you find rarely. I have learned a whole lot by having the privilege of working with him. His dedication to work, motivation, drive and skills and incomparable. Having the opportunity of working with Pedro, being able to learn from his large working experience is what thought me what being on a team was. He is spot on, enthusiastic, always with new ideas, opinion, and discussions with an open mind. Pedro always has the business in mind and makes everything possible to get the best of it.
Pedro has excellent interpersonal skills, a fantastic capacity for empathy, both internally and externally, that translates into the relations between colleagues and partners to be reliable and long term. Always willing to solve diplomatically conflicts or challenges along the the way, he manages just by his positive attitude to resolve them. These qualities are reflected in the ability to motivate a team and invest in the projects success.
I would recommend Pedro every time.
Pedro is an unquestionable asset to any team, for his expertise and character and I could only hope to work with him one day in the near future again.Good colleagues are the ones who know that WE is more powerful than ME.”

Joana Pizarro joana



“Pedro has a huge knowledge of online marketing. He was an excellent coach and mentor! As COO, he led adSalsa Germany with a perfect balance between fun and professionalism. Working on projects and visiting fairs, always proved to be a challenge and fun at the same time. It was an honor working with him.”

Martín Lehmann-Fuentesmartim


“I had the pleasure of working with Pedro developing the Portuguese market for eGENTIC. Pedro is a hard working, highly committed individual who is not afraid of generating business from scratch. He is social, approachable and eager to share his experience, knowledge with others in order to bring the team to a new level. He was a great contributor to my South European Sales team and has the potential to be a great asset to any sales organization. He reported directly to me and I would openly welcome the opportunity to work together again.”

Igor Barrena 28f2d16 


“Pedro worked with me as a Sales Manager for Portugal. He is very engaged and gives 120% of his effort to achieve the goals and please the clients. He is also very curious and creative and added a lot of new ideas to the team. He also likes to take responsibility and doesn’t disappoint. It is also very honest and can recognize his mistakes and improve them.”

Hector Martinez hector


“The first project I worked with Pedro was really complex, involving several countries and different global companies, and each one with their own interests in the project.
Wannaspeak, Pedro´s company, provided innovative speech technology for a Rexona campaign running in Microsoft platform (MSN). At all times Pedro manage the project with ease while keeping happy Microsoft and Rexona managers and allowing us to develop the product.
He did a great work and the project was a success, but for me, the best part was working with him, he was kind and professional at all times, always making his best effort to keep advancing and deliver the best product in time.”

Manuel Martin-Vivaldi manuel


“I had the pleasure to work with Pedro as a colleague and a client. Over the years he gained a great knowledge of our industry. He is always on top of the trends and knows a lot of people. In negotiation, he was at any time fair and friendly. Pedro was also a very good colleague, always supportive and a team player.”

Christoph Jordan christoph


“It has been a pleasure to work with Pedro during last past 2 years.
He is a very productive person, open minded, detail oriented, creative, reliable and hard-working person which can be trusted.
Pedro is a very skilled project manager with a good sense of humor and who will fulfill your expectations easily. Just to summarize: he is a really good worker and a good colleague.”

Patricia Llorca patricia


“Pedro has been a superb colleague throughout his years at adSalsa. He is very organized, a team player and can find the best solution for any kind of demand our client’s had. It has been a pleasure to work with him, and I consider him a great asset to any company.”

Laura Mertens laura


“Pedro is a true professional to work with. A creative, ambitious and reliable go-getter, who always wants to take projects assigned to him to the next level. Nevertheless, he is a nice person to be around. I really appreciated working with him throughout our common time at Egentic.”

Laszlo Hobor laszlo


“Pedro was a perfect colleague to work with.He always shares all of his experience (and he has a lot of it) with everybody who needs it
As a colleague, Pedro is an excellent Team-Player and always has new ideas and solutions when they are necessary.
As a leader, he always has an open ear for everybody and finds quick solutions for any problem they have (either work-related or private). He creates an harmonious atmosphere at work, which lets you always work with a smile in your face.
It was a real pleasure to work with Pedro and an unpurchasable present to learn from him.”

Tobias Vogel tobias


”I have worked with Pedro for different projects. He performed his profession and dedication in every assignment he involved in. He is very talented with motivation.He has a solid background. He is consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. He is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. ”

Cem Cetinoglu cem


“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Pedro at adSalsa, collaborating on several projects. Pedro is creative thinker, solution-focused and has the ability to handle all situations professionally. He shows great appreciation towards his colleagues & clients. As a leader he is coaching, transparent and always eager to help. I recommend Pedro highly – He is truly professional.”

Janne Kaikkonen janne


“I have met Pedro a long time ago, in high school. Many years after, we have worked together as partners and later on, as colleagues in Content Ignition. Pedro has excellent skills, both as a person and as professional. He is a hard worker, focused on goals, very good in relationship with colleagues and has an excellent knowledge in digital marketing and lead generation. He is very experienced, has already worked in various markets and in several international environments. He likes knowing challenges and thinks big, in order to see the whole picture. I strongly recommend Pedro as totally dedicated, effective and reliable professional.”

Ines Rosa ines


“Pedro is a very focused professional. He is always available and provides the answer we need. So very effective and able to deliver results when needed.”

José Rato jose


“I have known Pedro for many years, because he has worked with me to develop the Click to Call business in Europe and Latin America, especially in Portugal and Brazil.
Given the advantage represents his mastery of Portuguese, coupled with his mastery of English and French knowledge, is the ideal person to develop any international business.
Moreover, their proactivity and enthusiasm are a guarantee of success in all that his proposed to do.”

Sergio Glotzer sergio


“As a partner, I had the great opportunity to work with Pedro for several months. An excellent professional with a vast knowledge of the Portuguese market and the online media sales. We were constantly working together on a win-win basis. He is very accurate and talented on the negotiation part, and together we managed to create profitable synergies of the several campaigns I sent with eGentic and Content Ignition. Pedro is a solid professional with whom I would like to work with for a long term.”

Maria Silva maria


“Pedro Ferreira is a complete manager. Unlike many of his peers, he’s able to grasp the big picture. From planning to coordination and execution, he excels in all of them. At Planet49 Pedro took over the challenge of managing the turbulent Portuguese market heading into a financial crisis. His take charge attitude and relationship skills allowed him to keep most existing clients buying for an entire year.
Pedro won my admiration and friendship for the person he is. I believe trust and recognition are the base for any recommendation and therefore I don’t think twice before recommending Pedro to any sales team.”

Ricardo Peixoto ricardo


“Pedro is a very good professional, who I’ve had the pleasure doing business with. Very goal oriented. Someone who knows the online advertising business and Lead Generation very well. Every time I had the chance to exchange ideas with Pedro, we have managed to find a way of making our common client’s sales grow.”

Gonçalo Pereira gonçalo


“Pedro is an excellent team player and contributor for any project. We’ve worked together for the past few months and he has always proved to be a committed team member. Always keen to learn and “dig” the information that would allow him to have a good pitch when facing the customer makes Pedro a great potential performer as he grows into a fruitful professional career.
In summary, he is indeed a dedicated hard-worker.”

Pedro Reis pedroreis


“It was a real pleasure to work with Pedro. During this experience, Pedro was in charge of prospecting customers, which included detecting opportunities, arranging meetings and progress with customers up to signing the deal. Pedro has shown very good autonomy as well as high proactivity, and an excellent capacity to integrate into the existing team. He was able to use his very good language skills in English, Portuguese, French, within the European headquarters of a US company based in Paris. His professional skills have enabled the company to further expand within all over Europe. As Pedro gave entire satisfaction during this experience in my team, I strongly recommend him both on a professional and personal basis.”

Louis Allard louis


“Pedro is a great professional.
He has a great ability to sell and manage internet related complex projects throughout lots of European countries.
Simply put, he gets it. And with great autonomy, will always find solutions for the sale to be made, and the customer to be happy.
His knowledge of web 2.0 tools and the high e-reputation he gained on the internet are also great value to our European team.”

Thibaut Behagel thibaut


“Pedro is more than a service provider. He always supported us for every scenario of the work and delivered more than just service. This words are not enough for all support and the excellent quality product he delivered us.”

Bruno Dreux bruno